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Don't Forget About Jared Sullinger

Comin' at you.
Comin' at you.

With all the excitement generated by picking up Courtney Lee and the outgoing 2nd year players (and various 2nd round picks) it is easy to forget that we've still got perhaps the best guy on our summer league roster who looks like he's all that he was billed to be coming out of college (pre-red-flag days).

Youngsters shining at summer league | The Point Forward

While Sullinger has only shot 7-of-23 in Vegas, he shot better in the Orlando summer league, and he has continued to earn free throws and grab rebounds at very high rates. He’s also experimenting with long jumpers that Doc Rivers probably won’t let him take in the regular season. Sullinger has an effective bulk-based post-up game that will result in points, free throws and lots of blocked shots, and, equally noteworthy, he is a hungry rebounder. Sullinger needs to drop some weight and be a bit quicker defensively, but his instincts on that end are good, and he slides his feet well.

For every young guy with "potential" that Doc has "buried" on the bench (Gerald Green, Bill Walker), there is another young guy that just knows how to play and gets time in his rotation (Glen Davis, Leon Powe, Greg Stiemsma). Perhaps the most exciting thing is that Sullinger both knows how to play and has potential to get better and better. There are some scouts saying that if he stays healthy and develops the way he could, he could be an All Star someday. Not bad for the 21st pick (which happens to be where we picked Rajon Rondo as well).

Not that I'm expecting him to average 20 and 10 this season, because he doesn't have to. But he will know his role in the offense and attack the glass (something this team desperately needed). He'll also give our bigs some rest. I predict that he'll be one of those difference-maker kind of subs that is pivotal in winning a playoff game or two. I have high hopes for Sully this year and beyond.

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