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Sounds Like Danny Ainge Is Done ...For Now

Doc seems pretty happy too.
Doc seems pretty happy too.

With 16 players under contract and all the major holes filled, this should come as no surprise. It sounds as if Danny Ainge is pretty content with his roster for the moment. Of course, if a better player comes along or a trade presents itself, he's always willing to listen.

Ainge content but 'always looking' to improve Celtics

"I'm always looking for ways to improve the team," Ainge told "I like our team; I like our guys. But I'm always looking. You're never going to hear me say, 'I'm done.' Because you never know what may open up down the road or in the near future." Ainge added, "I'm not desperately looking [to add players]. It's going to be tough to find players I want more than the players I have. But I'll always keep an eye on what's out there, for sure."

I'm pretty happy with the roster as it stands. We'll see how things shake out in training camp and in the first few months of the season. But it was a good offseason of moves.

Are there any additional moves that you would like to see be made before camp?

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