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A Closer Look At The Schedule (22 Back To Backs)

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Taking a closer look at the Celtics schedule, it has been pointed out by many that the Celtics have 22 back-to-back games. Which seems like a lot for an aging trio of KG, Pierce, and Jet. But despair not, they do have the most games following 3 days of rest. (via Celtics Hub)

Celtics 2012-13 Schedule Released: What to Watch For

18 of those 22 back-to-backs end on the road. This is largely due to scheduling the TD Garden with the Boston Bruins

Rest Breakdown:

  • 0 days rest: 22 games
  • 1 day rest: 39 games
  • 2 days rest: 19 games
  • 3 days rest: 8 games (tied for most in NBA)

Also, the age thing may be relevant to the stars, but Danny has positioned Doc with the ability to rest the elder statesmen more this year.

Celtics well-positioned to tackle arduous schedule released tonight - The MetroWest Daily News

But a closer look at next year’s Celtics suggests a team that is not nearly as aging as most think. Sure, Kevin Garnett will turn 37 during next year’s playoffs. Paul Pierce is racing toward 35 in training camp. New signee Jason Terry will play the year at 35 as well. But, overall, the team has gotten dramatically younger, and deeper, and considerably more capable of withstanding the rigors of a schedule that includes 22 back-to-backs.

In other scheduling news, get your popcorn ready and prepare yourself for some triple doubles from Rondo because the Celtics are going to be on national TV quite a bit.

An inside look at the 2012-13 schedule - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Teams appearing the most frequently on ESPN networks: Los Angeles Lakers (16), Miami Heat (15), Oklahoma City Thunder (15), New York Knicks (15), Los Angeles Clippers (14), Chicago Bulls (12), Boston Celtics (11).


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