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Summer Reading List: The Dream Team

Larry laughs at the upstart Team USA.
Larry laughs at the upstart Team USA.

The NBA games are done and there's just some other guys from other teams playing on another continent right now. The offseason moves are all but done and we're transitioning into the quiet months of the offseason. But fear not, I'll do what I can to keep things fresh and interesting around here.

For one thing, there's more time to catch up on reading. If you are into books about the Celtics, I suggest you check out FLCeltsFan's summer reading list here. I can't recommend "Let Me Tell You A Story" highly enough.

With that said, perhaps a timely book to read right now is the new one by Jack McCallum about the original Dream Team (which would have totally torched this and any other team by the way). I haven't read the whole book, but did enjoy this excerpt.

Dream Team scrimmage greatest game nobody ever saw - - Magazine

A perfect storm hit Barcelona in the summer of the Dream Team. Its members were almost exclusively NBA veterans at or near the apex of their individual fame. The world, having been offered only bite-sized nuggets of NBA games, was waiting for them, since Barcelona was the first Olympics in which professional basketball players were allowed to compete. The Dreamers were a star-spangled export from a country that still held primacy around the world.

Feel free to share your own recommended books in the comments below.

Ok, since I know you won't let my aside in parenthesis go, I'll give you the poll you all want to see.

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