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Deron Williams Makes Straightforward Decision

No sleep till Brooklyn.
No sleep till Brooklyn.

Today a superstar NBA player made a free agent "decision." There was very little fanfare or waffling. Just a straightforward choice.

Deron Williams agrees to $100 million contract with Brooklyn Nets - Yahoo! Sports

All-Star point guard Deron Williams has agreed to a five-year, $100 million contract to remain with the Brooklyn Nets. Williams announced his decision on his Twitter account Tuesday night, opting to stay with the Nets rather than sign with the Dallas Mavericks. He also directly informed the Nets that he was accepting the team's five-year, $100 million offer, league sources said. Under the NBA rules, the Nets could offer Williams a fifth season worth about $25 million while the Mavericks' offer was limited to four years.

Dear Dwight Howard, see how definite and decisive that was? Dear LeBron James, see how simple and lacking in drama that was? Take note please.

I would say that the Atlantic Division just got stronger today, but I don't think anyone cares much about Division seedings anymore. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams will create a formidable backcourt but I'm not sure if they make the Nets a title contender anytime soon. They'll try to land Dwight Howard, but they still don't seem to have the pieces to make Orlando bite on a trade. More likely Howard goes West, maybe to the Lakers or Mavs.

Just another crazy day in free agent season.

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