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Mailbag Answers Part I: The One-Liners

Andray again?  Tell him I'm not here.
Andray again? Tell him I'm not here.

There were some great questions submitted to the mailbag and some not-so-great questions and a bunch of stuff in between. So I'm going to break it up into parts. I promise to get to some of the longer questions and give some more in depth responses to them. But I couldn't resist some quick hit one liners as an appetizer. Bon ape-tit.

My answers in italics.

dudir - Banner 18.. .... Your thoughts?

Yes please.

Danny Ainge - What's my grade for this off-season so far?

A. Losing Ray could end up being a blessing in disguise as the team got younger with Lee.

marcoadroque - Can we hope that KG ends next year in such good form as this season?

Yes. Yes we can hope.

peterschott99 - Will Doc play the rookies this year?

Yes. (You didn't ask how much he would play them)

Trackmonster11 - Chances of actually getting Dwight Howard

1 in 1 Trillion. Chance of actually getting Dwight Howard to make up his mind, 1 in 2 Trillion.

jayyyarrr - Favorite ice cream?

Friendly's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Afine7 - Do you have a twitter??? Go celtics!!

I love to twitter. I twitter all the time. Follow me at @celticsblog

nb - frmrmfgklt


Master Po - A two-part question. Do you think I am getting enough fiber in my diet?, and if the answer is no, is that the reason you keep sticking corn up in my face?

Because you looked like a fool last night.

yakyakyak - Do you poop green? Because I do and I'm worried.

Try corn on a stick.

Andray Blatche - P.S. Before you answer my previous questions, in case you forgot, I'm just two seasons removed from averaging 16.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists while shooting 44.5 percent from the field at the age of 23!

Go away. Stop bothering me.

Ruben Wolkowyski - Will Kendrick Perkins play for the Celtics ever again?

Yes, there will be a 2006 reunion tour in 2016. Gerald Green, Al Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins, Ryan Gomes, and Sebastian Telfair to name a few.

please... - my one and only question.. the JEFF GREEN thing.. what now???

You mean Metta Ocho Verde? He's gaming, come back later.

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