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Will Today Be Ray's Decision Day?


Celts' offer to Ray is money in the bank - Steve Bulpett - Boston Herald

A source close to Allen indicates the Celtics are making a heavy push to get this done, attempting to answer his issues along the way.

Allen told the Herald months ago that he didn’t want to have to sweat out another trade deadline after nearly being moved in the past, and word is the Celts are ready to comply with either a no-trade clause or a trade kicker that would get him a good sized raise in salary if he does get moved.

Meanwhile, the Clippers have re-signed Chauncey Billups and have signed Jamal Crawford, causing them to cancel their free agent visit with Ray. Speculation earlier in the day had indicated that Ray would choose between Miami and the Clippers; does this suggest that he's going to Miami by default, that there's renewed hope for Boston, or that another team will get into the mix?

More updates (or non-updates) as they become available.


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