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Celtics Reach Agreement With Jeff Green

Welcome back Jeff.
Welcome back Jeff.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Jeff Green's agent (David Falk) has reached an agreement with the Celtics to keep the forward in Boston for "multiple years." No details yet, but we'll post them when they become available.

The pressing question is: "how much?" There were rumors of $40M over 4 years, but that seems high to me. Unless of course the 4th year isn't guaranteed.

Celtics reach agreement with Jeff Green | ProBasketballTalk

The other part is the guaranteed money. If it’s three-years, $30 with a team option or non-guaranteed fourth year for $10 million, that’s probably the middle ground. There’s still going to be doubt about this deal. Don’t be confused. The book is still very much out on Jeff Green. But if he can live up to his potential, he can be the kind of athletic perimeter player the Celtics need, especially against the Heat in the playoffs.

We will update when details are available.

By the way, if you need a refresher on Jeff Green, here's Zach Lowe's analysis not long after the original trade that brought Green to Boston.

Let me be clear on this: Green is not as good as most folks believe he is. Being covered in the Thunder glow has lifted his reputation above where it should be. This is a 6-foot-9 power forward whose Player Efficiency Rating has never reached league average, who grabs a lower percentage of defensive rebounds than Pierce, and whose presence on the court has consistently turned the Thunder into a porous defensive team. When he's on the bench, the Thunder are pretty stingy. When he's on the floor, they're the Raptors. Almost none of the Thunder's best lineups feature Green. That trend has something to do with the other starters, but it has repeated itself in each of Green's four seasons in the league.

He's not quick enough to defend some small forwards or big enough to defend some power forwards. But as a backup? He can work, and Boston needs bodies. He's capable of shooting a league-average percentage from three-point range, and Boston, averaging fewer three-point attempts than all but two teams, could use some floor-stretching. He can swing between both forward positions.

So, there's that.

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