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Report: Jeff Green Deal Is For $36M

Good terms?
Good terms?

We've known for over a week that Jeff Green's signing was imminent but we didn't know the terms. There was a rumor that it would be for 4 years and $40M which seemed a bit rich to most. Turns out the years were right but the dollars are a bit lower. Mark Murphy of the Herald reports.

Shooters in scarce supply -

The new deal, again starting at $9 million, will be worth $36 million over four years, according to a source.

It is still my hope that the last year of the deal is a team option but at least the annual amount is closer to the one year deal he agreed to last year. Why go 3 or 4 years when he agreed to a 1 year deal just last year? I suppose it is because Ainge wanted maximum flexibility this offseason with all the other contracts coming off the books. The next few years we'll be capped out and obviously Danny is a big believer in Jeff and wants him locked up. We'll see how that goes.

In other free agent news, Murphy also reports that Greg Stiemsma has a $3M offer from the T-Wolves.

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