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Avery Bradley Will Have Another Surgery, Out Till December?

In a complete about face from the news that was released yesterday (from Bradley's camp?) the Celtics are saying now that Bradley will have surgery and be out for the beginning of the year. - Blogs: Celtics Insider

Celtics guard Avery Bradley will undergo surgery on his right shoulder on Tuesday at New England Baptist Hosptial, according to assistant general manager Austin Ainge, and will miss the team’s training camp as a result.

Ainge acknowledged that the additional surgery — Bradley also had left shoulder surgery in May — will not only force the blossoming shooting guard to miss the team’s camp, but will likely keep him sidelined for the first part of the season. Celtics coach Doc Rivers concurred with that assessment. "It could be early in the season, it could be mid-Decmeber," Rivers said of a possible Bradley return. "We’re just not sure."

Yeah, that's a punch in the gut that I didn't need. No wonder they are pushing so hard for shooting guard help.

In case you are wondering, the prior surgery was on his left shoulder and the reason he had to wait to get the surgery done on the right one was because to prevent him from having both arms in slings. Or as Doc joked "Hey, the guy has to eat."

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