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The Atlantic Division Just Got Taller (Andrew Bynum)

The Big Ticket has some big guys to bang with next year.
The Big Ticket has some big guys to bang with next year.

Watching the Lakers get better is always a stomach churning event. But L.A. is all the way out there on the West coast and their part of this deal will only impact us if we have the good fortune of making it back to the Finals. The more immediate impact on the Celtics is the arrival of Andrew Bynum to the Atlantic Division, namely the 76ers.

As Paul Flannery points out, if the biggest problem Kevin Garnett has with playing center is having to play against legit centers. That's gonna be a battle all year long next year.

Green Street " The Celtics’ Andrew Bynum problem

Bynum’s arrival in the C’s division coincides with the NBA debut of the well-regarded Jonas Valanciunas in Toronto as well as the presumably healthy return of Brook Lopez to the Nets. Those three plus Tyson Chandler — the reigning Defensive Player of the Year — gives Garnett more than 28 feet of headaches, 16 times a year.

Does anyone know if Jason "Dwight Stopper" Collins (somewhat sarcastic nickname btw) plays decent defense against those other guys as well? Maybe you guys in the comments are right. Perhaps we do need to invest in another big guy for the vet minimum or maybe even the bi-annual exception.

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