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Welcome To Boston Courtney Lee

Ray who?
Ray who?

We've already gone over the pros and cons of Jason Terry vs. Ray Allen. How about Courtney Lee? Let's see. Negatives: Not a future Hall of Famer (at least not yet, I guess you never know). Not as good as Allen was in his prime. And that's about all I've got.

Positives: Younger, plays better defense, runs the floor better, perhaps more likely to stay healthy. Oh yeah, and he took less money to go to Boston, doesn't have a problem coming off the bench, and as far as we all know, has no beef with Rajon Rondo.

Green Street " Courtney Lee: Joining Celtics ‘a no-brainer for me’

"I had a lot of different offers from a lot of different teams, but the one I really wanted to come to was Boston," Lee said Thursday from the Boston Children’s Museum, where the Celtics held their Summer Soiree to benefit the Shamrock Foundation. "So, I spoke to my agent and I spoke to my family. It was a decision that I had to take less money to come here, but in that I’ll be winning, I’ll have a chance to play on TV. That’s what everybody wants to do. They want to win big and a chance to win a ring, so it was a no-brainer for me."

"I just want to win," said Lee. "I'm not the coach, so whatever Doc feels will help the team it's his decision, so I'm just going to go out there and just play. [Coming off the bench] is the same as starting a game. You've got a job and a role to go out there and fulfill, and you've just got to be a professional and handle that."

The more I hear about him and from him, the more I like this kid.

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