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Kris Joseph Will Put In The Work


WEEI has a nice write up on Kris Joseph. He was described by his high school coach as "lazy" because he was so talented that things came easy for him. Once he realized that conditioning was necessary against top competition and could really help his game, he flipped a switch and became somewhat of a gym rat.

Green Street " Why Kris Joseph deserves the 15th Celtics roster spot (Part One)

"He will get in the gym to work," added Malone. "Of course, he was up at Syracuse for four years. When he came home, he’d get in the gym and work. A few offseasons, he had injuries that didn’t allow him to do much, but he’s a workaholic. He puts in a lot of work. Every time I talk to him, he says, ‘I’ve been in the gym. I’ve been in the gym.’ With us in D.C., he always worked hard. I assume he’s continued to do that." "He’s always around," finished Autry. "He always wants to get better. It may not be him just on the court. He’s very into his body. He’ll be in the weight room. He spends a lot of time in the gym, too. He does a little of both. He’s always doing something toward getting better. He had that balance, and that’s a good thing. He’s mature."

He'll have to continue to put in the work to earn a spot in a deep Boston rotation, but at least he has the talent and work ethic and maturity to eventually get there. He might spend a lot of time on the Maine Red Claws, but he spent his last 4 years in Syracuse and grew up around Montreal, so at least he won't have to get used to the weather.

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