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More Cult Classics From Around the League


As I mentioned earlier, it was Cult Classic Player day around SBNation and there were a few common threads.

NBA Cult Classics: Around SB Nation With Our Top Fan Favorites -

If you were looking for the single common characteristic for most of these Cult Classics, it would probably be energy. The vast majority of these players would invariably be described as "energy guys" and that makes sense for a fan favorite. These are the guys that were great teammates that could change a game by diving for loose balls or playing some scrappy defense, even if they weren't the most talented players on their teams. Oh, and we even have a shoot out from a WNBA Cult Classic!

Check out the link above for the full list which includes guys like Brian Cardinal, Adam Morrison, DeShawn Stevenson, and Bo Outlaw (twice!). Any other favorites that you can think of?

I thought of another Celtics that at least deserves mention: I LOVE WAL-TAH!

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