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Which Other Atlantic Division Team Is Strongest Contender?


Chris Foresberg asked the question (as part of his Summer Forecast series) "which team could pose the greatest challenge to the Celtics in the Atlantic Division?" Some bloggers said the Knicks, and one said the 76ers, but I went with the no sleep till Brooklyn Nets.

Summer Forecast: Addition in division? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Atlantic Division is certainly going to have its share of teams crowded at the top of the standings. The Knicks have enough pure talent to make things interesting; the Sixers have one of the best centers in the game and are making changes for the better (for them at least); but the team that seems the most concerning is the one that was bought with many millions of rubles. The Brooklyn Nets will, at the very least, be entertaining and probably very dangerous on the court. Much like the Knicks, they are overpaid and lack on the defensive side of the court, but that doesn't mean they can't win a lot of games with pure offensive firepower.

What say you?

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