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Celtics Handled the Situations With Wilcox and Green Perfectly Last Year

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Two guys with eerily similar heart conditions in the same year put the Celtics in some challenging positions, but from the sounds of it, they handled both those situations very well. Neither Wilcox or Green seemed to really consider playing anywhere else this year, and that says more than anything about the Celtics staff.

Green Street " Chris Wilcox: ‘I want to get better than where I was’

"I was looking at other teams, but my mindset was being loyal to the team that was loyal to me. Through this whole process, they were there for me, and they did everything they could do to make sure I was good through the process and make sure I saw the right doctors and everything through it. So, at the end of the day, I knew that that was my first option — whatever they offered, whatever it was, I wanted to go back to Boston."

Nice job to everyone involved, including and probably primarily Ed Lacerete and crew.

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