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Boston Celtics Best. Trade. Ever. (Pick Any One)

Best. Winner. Ever.
Best. Winner. Ever.

This is a fun topic that the folks from SBNation are running with today. What was our team's best trade ever? Honestly I can't pick one above the others so I'll leave it up to you. Here's three that would seem to be the best to me (and you can feel free to nominate others).

1. Bill Russell for Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan

Macauley and Hagan went on to win a championship and eventually to the Hall of Fame. The Celtics? All they got was Bill Russell and 11 Championships out of it.

2. Robert Parish + #3 pick (Kevin McHale) for the #1 pick (Joe Barry Carroll) and the #13 pick (Rickey Brown)

Number one pick Carroll actually had a fairly decent 10 year pro career, but because of who he was traded for, he was at one point nicknamed "Joe Barely Cares." Parish and McHale are in the Hall of Fame and Red once again proved who was best.

3. Kevin Garnett for Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, cash, and 2 first rounders.

Al Jefferson is a nice offensive player. The rest of those guys are just kinda players. Kevin Garnett redefined and re-established Celtics basketball. Enough said.

So what do you think the greatest trade in Celtics history was? Honestly, there's no bad answer and we're all winners in this, so who cares? But it is fun to debate happy memories, so have at it.

(I love our team's history for so many reasons.)

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