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What Should Doc Rivers Change Next Year?


Chris Forseberg asked the question "what should Doc Rivers change for next year?" The following was my response.

Summer Forecast: Doctor's orders? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

I think one change Doc Rivers will have to make is to rely less on Ray Allen's constant running through screens and more on pick-and-roll and letting Jason Terry create off the dribble. I understand why Terry would need to learn some of the plays they called for Allen, but he's not the same player and Allen made a career out of wearing his opponent down with that style. I'm no scout or coach, but it also seemed like those plays took a long time to develop and, if they didn't play out right, that left Rondo to heave up a prayer to beat the clock winding down. So maybe Rivers adds some sets that get the team looks at the basket earlier in the shot clock. He knows how to make it work on inbounds plays, I would imagine that, with all the talent he has on the floor, he can develop a plan to put more points on the board.

See the post for more answers. What would you change next year if you were Doc?

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