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Rajon Rondo: Greatest Celtic Point Guard Of All Time?

Knowing Rondo, I wouldn't doubt that this pass was actually going to KG.
Knowing Rondo, I wouldn't doubt that this pass was actually going to KG.

It's been a great couple of weeks for Rajon Rondo. He's gotten recognition from 2nd all time assists leader Jason Kidd via Jason Terry that he's today's best point guard. Gamers have graced RR with a 90-rating in this year's edition of NBA 2K13. #9 is ranked 4th (tied with Kobe Bryant) in potential 2013 MVP candidates by ESPN's 100-member panel of experts. Rondo's definitely passed the point of a breakout season, but this could be the first year that he's so publicly recognized. Doc has already said that this is his team and some recent comments by Rondo show him maturing and confidently taking the reigns of the Celtics.

Rondo is on a Southeast Asia promotional tour for Red Bull and running youth basketball camps in Taiwan and Manila. In an interview with InterAKTV, he said:

"I hope I can end my career as the greatest point guard in the history of the Boston Celtics," he said.

He made similar comments to ABS-CBN News:

"It is kinda too early to place my mark on where I am in Celtic history as a point guard," Rondo said in an interview with ABS-CBN News. "But hopefully, by the time I finish my career, I'd be the best to ever play for the Celtics."

And on how next season and the Celtics' title hopes affect his legacy:

Rondo knows that in order to be considered as one of the all-time greatest Celtics, he needs to hang more banners in the Boston Garden.

"In five years, I'll be 31 (years old). Hopefully, I have at least, and I say at least, two more championships, Maybe one. You never know," he said. "I expect to win every year I play."

"We have the talent... The team we have, the talent that surround me, the coaching staff, the organization, we expect to win a championship every year," Rondo said.

When you're talking about "the greatest point guard in Celtics' history," obviously the conversation begins and ends with Bob Cousy. Forget the fact that he's the all-time team assists leader. He's a six-time NBA champ and in Boston, chips matter more than personal accolades. Whether or not Rondo can win five more rings is debatable but his goal of one or two is definitely within reach.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rondo's pure point guard skills and instincts makes him, like Cousy in the 50's, invaluable. Doc and Danny recognize that talent and have surrounded him with complimentary players that could make him the all-time assists leader for the Celtics and could garner him a few championships to boot. Over the next couple of years, he'll play in the shadow of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett out of vet respect, but as those two entire the twilight of their careers, Rondo is and will be the beacon for the Celtics' future.

On a personal side note, as a Filipino, I love the idea of Rondo teaching the players out there all his under-the-rim moves. I'm bias, but there is no country that loves basketball more than the Philippines. It's our national sport, but one that we haven't exactly excelled at on the international stage. Frankly, we're just not big enough. I've played in a lot of pick up games in Manila and it's a lot different. Shots come from the strangest angles and when you least expect them. That's Rondo signature on the game right now. There's stuff that he does--the scoops, the flip shots, the slick passing--that nobody does in the NBA.

Check out some of the training videos here. It's not everyday that you attend a basketball camp where they teach you the eurostep floater.

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