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Kevin Garnett's Long Term Impact

Good luck in Houston JJJ.
Good luck in Houston JJJ.

Bringing Kevin Garnett back is critical to the team's success in the here and now. That much is a given. The bonus is that he's also got a great long term impact on the young players. The examples are numerous, but here's the most recent one. Even on his way out of Boston, JaJuan Johnson has a lot of respect and appreciation for the whole Boston locker room and Kevin Garnett in particular.

Rockets trade just 'business' to former Purdue center Johnson | Journal and Courier |

"I got to see the sacrifices that those guys go through," Johnson said. "I learned what it takes to get there. Boston was a good team to be a part of. It was a great locker room. I definitely will miss that part. "The year of learning from Kevin Garnett are things I will take with me for the rest of my life ... just being around a good teammate and learning from a guy like him. It was great being around him every day and practicing against him. That’s going to be valuable throughout my whole career."

Speaking of which, I wonder if Greg Stiemsma's number choice is a tribute to anyone we know.

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