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How Many Wins Will The Celtics Get Next Year?

The key to the season, knuckle pushups.
The key to the season, knuckle pushups.

ESPN Boston is doing a Summer Forecast series and the first question they asked is a relevant one. What will the Celtics record be next year. Note: your humble blogger was asked to participate in this, but I um... forgot to. So, I will make silk out of a sow's ear by linking and quoting our dear old friend Greg Payne (who predicts a record of 58-24

Summer Forecast: Just wins, baby - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Celtics will finish the season with their finest record since the 2008-09 campaign for two important reasons: Depth, and a weakened Eastern Conference. While Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are still absolutely vital to this team, there won't be as much of a burden on them to produce stellar numbers every night, as the likes of Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Jason Terry, and Avery Bradley (when he returns from injury) will all help to evenly distribute the weight and keep the Celtics winning consistently for the duration of the season. Additionally, while the Atlantic Division will be a bit more competitive this season, the Eastern Conference as a whole, shouldn't be. Sure, Miami's still at the top, but Philadelphia, Orlando, and Atlanta won't be at the same level as last season, Chicago could start slow while Derrick Rose is on the shelf, and even Indiana might not be as formidable after their roster moves this offseason.

So what do you think? (To make the math easier, all you have to do is come up with the wins. See, I do care about you.)

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