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Who Has The Best 3 on 3 Team?

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Obviously the Celtics are the best at everything. But it might be fun to talk about who has the NEXT best team.

NBA 3-On-3 Tournament: Around SB Nation, The Field Takes Shape -

We asked SB Nation's NBA bloggers to submit their proposed 3 on 3 team for this hypothetical Hoop-it-Up. Once we've got all the teams in place, we'll be starting a single elimination tournament next week to pick the NBA 3 on 3 champions, so you've got that to look forward to.

Check the link and tell us who ya think is the best competition.

I thought that the OKC blog made a bold decision to use Collison over Harden to have a big on the roster. While the Nuggets went in the other direction picking 3 players that play the same position. Also, the Spurs have their own Big 3 to boast of. Still, one has to think that the Heat and Lakers have squads that many if not most will pick as "the favorites." Hmmm, that sounds familiar.