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Chris Bosh Is Going To Be A Center I Guess

Like a Bosh
Like a Bosh

Dwight Howard is in Los Angeles and it appears that Kevin Garnett is now a full time center. So it sounds like the Miami Heat are doing away with pretense and converting Bosh into a 5 as well.

Report: Heat's Chris Bosh adds bulk as he finally starts to accept center role -

After winning the title in 2012 with a model that saw Bosh used most often in the center role, or at least "in the least guard role" on a team redefinining traditional position elements, Bosh is starting to accept things. After all, it worked last year. The Miami Herald reports Bosh has started adjusting his conditioning and training to prepare for a full-time role as center.

Chris Bosh is adding bulk (six pounds of lean muscle) to prepare for the rigors of playing a full season at center.

Well, there's that. Not sure if this makes much difference to the Celtics since we were likely going to keep running KG out to defend and frustrate Bosh to no end anyway. We'll see how it fares against the rest of the league but with the dearth of traditional centers it probably doesn't even matter much anymore.

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