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Celtics Rivals: The Lakers and The Heat

Boooooo. Booooooo.
Boooooo. Booooooo.

SBNation is doing another coordinated post today on NBA Rivalries. I know that the Heat are the current focus of most of our ire, but the L.A. Lakers will always be our main rival. The Heat will come and go as the Pistons, 76ers, and other East teams have done before them. But the Lakers are the Lakers.

With that said, I thought I'd play a quick game of "would you rather..." with you. Or perhaps "death is not an option" depending on how you play either one (PG versions only please).

Imagine an awful world where you knew for certain that the Celtics would have to either lose in the ECF to the Heat (who would go on to beat the Lakers) or the Celtics would lose in the Finals to the Lakers.

Option A means that at least the Lakers don't win a title. But the Heat win their second in a row and "Dynasty" talk starts (if it hasn't already).

Option B means that we at least beat LeBron and Ray Allen before going out in a blaze of glory. Of course it also means having to watch the Lakers celebrate another championship.

Sadly, there's a real chance that one of the two scenarios described above could happen, but that's the real world where we can at least focus on the chance that all will turn out right. Remember, these are the only 2 options in this game. Praying for the Mayans to be correct isn't an option.

Hold your nose and pick one. Who ya got? (and why?)

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