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How Much Will Jeff Green Play?

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It is an interesting question. Hopefully he's giving Pierce a lot of minutes of help off the bench and filling in at power forward in smaller lineups. Hopefully he's playing well enough to earn those minutes, but you never know.

The ESPN Boston boys were back at the over/under stuff again today and had this to say about Green's chances of playing 30 minutes a game.

Over/Under: Jeff Green - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

* Forsberg: Over. Green averaged only 23.5 minutes per game during his abbreviated season with Boston in 2010-11 and owns a 33.6 career average (which is aided by having started 83.5 percent of his total appearances). The Celtics didn't shell out an average of $9 million per season to keep Green glued to the bench. He'll be Paul Pierce's primary backup and will get shuffled to the power forward spot in smaller lineups. More floor time should allow his natural abilities to take over instead of pressing as he often seemed to do in his first go-around with the Celtics.

* Payne: Under. Green will spend the majority of his time backing up Pierce at the small forward spot, but will also pick up some minutes playing power forward in certain lineups when Doc Rivers wants to go small. If Jared Sullinger doesn't play as much as I think he might, Green will see an uptake in minutes, but because I believe Sullinger will get minutes behind Brandon Bass, I'll say Green's minute total won't be as high as it might have been otherwise.

What's your call?

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