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Could Kendrick Perkins Get Amnestied?

Say what now?
Say what now?

It won't happen this summer or it likely already would have happened. But there's at least a chance that the Thunder would consider cutting Kendrick Perkins under the amnesty provision - in part to save money to throw at James Harden.

Rudy Gay, John Wall and other players already on notice for 2012-13 season | The Point Forward

Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder. The luxury tax concerns are real with James Harden now extension-eligible. Also real: Perkins’ value as a post defender, brutal screener and all-around setter of a nasty tone. But Perkins’ reputation as a Dwight Howard stopper is nearly two years out of date, and he’s not nearly good enough at his strengths to justify his pricey contract once you factor in his glaring limitations — poor hands, endless traveling violations, shaky speed and sky-high turnover rates. There aren’t many worse offensive players in the league, at least among regular rotation guys. Perkins needs to get healthy and show a bit more, on both ends, to quiet the amnesty chatter.

Just putting that out there. Do with it what you will. (Yes, I'm playfully stirring the pot - so sue me)

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