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Celtics Sign Rob Kurz To A Non-Guaranteed Deal, Pietrus On The Move

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated is reporting that the Boston Celtics have signed Rob Kurz to a non-guaranteed contract. He'll most likely be training camp body. He had a cup of coffee with the Golden State Warriors in in 2008-2009 after four years at Notre Dame and has bounced between the D-League, the summer league, Spain, Germany, and France. If we've learned anything from Luke Harangody, it's that these kids from the Irish have motors. As a second-round draft pick, Harangody wasn't expected to make the team when he got to Waltham, but he worked hard and persevered and eventually made the final 15. I don't expect the same out of Kurz, but I won't count out anybody that spends any time with Kevin Garnett.

There's also this little bit of free agency news:

There hasn't been any rumblings about Pietrus returning to the C's, so it's doubtful that that "someone" is Danny Ainge. I know he's got the balky knee and won't play for the minimum, but I had kinda hoped that Mickael would have returned to Boston. Of all the free agents, he voiced the biggest interest in coming back to play for Doc and rejoining this team for unfinished business. The Life can be brutal sometimes.

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