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Introducing 15 Days Of Celtics Player Days

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The Celtics open training camp on September 29th. That means starting tomorrow there are just 15 days left of the offseason! To celebrate and count down the days, I'm declaring the next 15 days to be Celtics Player Days.

We've got 15 days and 15 roster spots, so everyone gets a day of articles written about them (as few as 1 but hopefully as many as 3 or more). See the schedule below.

Here's where you can get involved as well. Start writing your own FanPosts about the players on their days and yours might be promoted to the front page as well. The articles may can be short, long, funny, serious, stats driven, or poetic, or whatever you like. I'd love to see at least one per day from you people. Show us your stuff!

I know other sites have done similar posts, but I don't think anyone's dedicated full days to them. So lets have fun with these. We'll start tomorrow with the 15th roster spot which is actually a camp battle between Christmas and Smith (and Kurz too, I guess). Then it is on to the rest of the rookies, newcomers, and returning vets. Full schedule after the jump.

9/14/2012 Camp Battle (Christmas vs. Smith)

9/15/2012 Kris Joseph

9/16/2012 Fab Melo

9/17/2012 Jared Sullinger

9/18/2012 Jason Collins

9/19/2012 Courtney Lee

9/20/2012 Jason Terry

9/21/2012 Keyon Dooling

9/22/2012 Chris Wilcox

9/23/2012 Jeff Green

9/24/2012 Avery Bradley

9/25/2012 Brandon Bass

9/26/2012 Paul Pierce

9/27/2012 Kevin Garnett

9/28/2012 Rajon Rondo

9/29/2012 Training Camp!!!


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