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Getting Easier Being Jeff Green

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Chris Forsberg of ESPN caught up with Jeff Green at a charity event in Dorcester this morning. He's already mixing it up with the rookies and some of the vets in informal workouts and it sounds like his recovery is going well. He reiterated his need to be "more assertive, more aggressive" next season and pointed out some specific areas of improvement:

What changes will he make in his game: "Just probably being more assertive, more aggressive in certain situations. That's about it. My game pretty much speaks for itself -- a guy who can play multiple positions... attack in different situations. My game is what it is; I just have to improve on different things. Just show it out there on the court."

One specific area of focus: "Rebounding. Being aggressive towards the ball. It's a hard thing, but you just have to go out there and want to do it. That's about it."

Rebounding has been the bane of the Celtics since 2007-2008, but with the current youth movement, there's going to have to be a premium put on grabbing boards so that we can take advantage of transition. Green mentions how excited he is to be running with Rondo, but those fast breaks have to start with cleaning the glass.

UPDATED with video courtesy of Chris Forsberg:

ESPN Boston: Jeff Green has no limitations on court (via espnforsberg)

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