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Kris Joseph Day: Can He Get Playing Time?

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As the presumed 14th player on the roster, there's not a lot of expectation on Kris Joseph to play heavy minutes (except in Maine). On the other hand, the Celtics are no strangers to injuries and it would benefit Paul Pierce greatly to get as much time off as possible. So perhaps a 3rd string small forward could find his way into the deeper part of the rotation at times this year.

So what can we expect from Joseph? Based on scouting reports, a little bit of everything and no one particular specialty.

Of his good-not-great traits, it sounds like shooting spot up jumpers is a strong point for him.

DraftExpressProfile: Kris Joseph, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook

Joseph's spot-up three-point shooting remains his most potent offensive weapon, as he's proven last season's strong performance was no fluke. Joseph has again increased his three-point attempts (from 4.5 to 6 per-40 minutes) and percentages (36.6% to 41%) thus far this season, being a very dangerous threat when left open, and even showing some nice ability to knock down spot-up shots on the move in transition. This is an improvement development for him, as he likely won't be asked to operate as heavily with the ball in his hands in the NBA as he does at Syracuse, making it more necessary for him to be a knock down shooter.

That's good because there's always room in the rotation for a guy that can stretch the floor and knock down 3's delivered to him on a silver platter from Rajon.

On the other hand, playing time is almost always earned with defense in Doc's camp. How he can translate from the Syracuse zone to the NBA systems remains to be seen. Hopefully he'll be able to pick that up quickly and be a jack of all trades I'm fine if he's a master of none. We've got enough stars for the time being.

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