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Courtney Lee Day: A Bouncy, Shifty, Two-Way Player

April 21, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets shooting guard Courtney Lee (5) celebrates hitting a three pointer against the Golden State Warriors during the fourth quarter at the Toyota Center. The Rockets won 99-96. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to Courtney Lee day! Where we celebrate the one that Danny landed. By that I mean that after the David West near miss, we were starting to doubt Danny's creative get-er-done mojo. For weeks we knew that Lee was a target of Danny and Doc's but it wasn't clear how it was going to get done. Then all of a sudden players were leaving a summer league game and the deal was finished.

So what did we get for all that effort? Sounds like a pretty good player (and at least for the time being, a starting 2 guard). Let's go back and see what Tom Martin of The Dream Shake told us about Lee.

What are the Boston Celtics getting in Courtney Lee?

The Celtics are getting a bouncy, shifty two-way player who can make an impact on both ends. He's a great lightening rod off the bench, but he's also a capable starter. Don't expect the moon from him, but he can guard an opponent's best player and can give you 10-12 points at an efficient rate.

What are Lee's strengths and weaknesses on the court?

Strengths: Terrific athlete, can finish in transition with ease. Great three-point shooter, especially in the corners -- he led the league in corner threes (either the overall volume or just percentage, can't remember which) last season and shoots 40% overall from deep. Very effective pull-up jumper off one dribble. He's a great teammate and never ran into any problems as a Rocket in the locker room or off the court. He's also a top-tier wing defender and can give smaller forwards and guards tons of problems.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have a great handle and is not effective in isolation. He can get bullied on defense by bigger players in the post. He's aggressive when he needs to be, but he's not someone who will give you anything more than a solid lift - you shouldn't depend on him to carry anything.

Sounds good to me. I'm excited to see him on the court and playing along side Rondo.

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