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Celtics Had A Pretty Good Offseason, Though So Did The Heat

This is a few days old, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Matt Moore ranked all 30 teams in terms of their offseasons this summer. He gave the Lakers top honors for obvious reasons and the Nets got 2nd best. Where did the Celtics land? Right behind the Heat. Grumble grumble.

NBA Offseason Power Rankings: The Big Market Tango -

5. Miami Heat: Being already awesome is a bonus, but really this is how the Heat managed to make one big move and get that much better. Ray Allen is such a phenomenal fit for what they do and what they need. The Heat needed every three-pointer Shane Battier made in the playoffs, but that's not something they can rely on. Allen givs them just such a weapon and for a good price, too. Sticking it to their rivals in Beantown warrants extra points as well.

6. Boston Celtics: It wasn't the remodel we expected, and it wasn't a total win-now summer either. It was somewhere in-between. Boston replaced Allen with Jason Terry, upping their trash talk quotient if nothing else. They ensured Kevin Garnett would retire a Celtic, and made a gamble on Jeff Green. Even if that doesn't work out, they snagged Courtney Lee and drafted two promising rookies who each have problems, but also huge upside. Boston walked a delicate wire this offseason and seem primed for another strong season.

Getting sick of seeing the Heat above us. Looking forward to the regular season where we can throttle them in the regular season again (and hope against hope they don't throttle us in game 7 of the playoffs again).

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