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Jason Terry Day: Set For Takeoff

March 27, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry (31) reacts after hitting a three point basket to put the Mavericks up in the third quarter against the Houston Rockets at American Airlines Center. The Mavs beat the Rockets 90-81. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Remember how I mentioned how giddy I was that the Celtics were adding a rebounder in Jared Sullinger? Well, add to that the fact that the Celtics will finally have a guy coming off the bench who can fill up the basket and I'm nearly beside myself.

Ray was Ray, but he often relied on other players to get him going and he would kind of fade to the background a lot. One thing that Terry doesn't do much is be inconspicuous. He's gonna let you know he's here and he's going to make a positive impact on the game from the bench. Period.

He's got that kind of unconscionable energy that is absolutely essential for a 6th man or key bench player. When the starters are feeling a little sluggish, he comes in and brings the bounce back. When things are going well and the C's have the opponents on their heels, guess who can come in an provide the dagger shot that doesn't let them back in the game? And with all due respect to Rondo, when we're down by 3 with seconds left and you need another clutch shooting option on the court, you know you can count on Terry because he's been there and done that and delivered before.

Remember that spark that we got in 2008 from Eddie House? That instant offense and the humorous over-the-top celebrations? Terry provides that same spark (while, you know, being a much better player overall). You know how the team bonded over James Posey's bear hugs and veteran leadership? Terry brings that kind of swag as well. He's already taken Christmas under his wing and you know that he won't be shy sharing his thoughts and feelings with the other veteran stars.

Again, we can't get away from the Ray Allen comparisons or correlations. I'm sure everyone respected Allen (even if Rondo didn't necessarily get along with him), but sometimes you get tired of hearing the same thing from the same guys. Pierce and KG can now turn to another peer to relate to or bounce ideas off of. Terry can provide a fresh point of view. Shoot, Rondo might even be oddly motivated to make Terry look really, really good - especially against the Heat.

Intangibles aside, Terry is going to inject new life into the 2nd unit offense. Jeff Green will help some and Sullinger can score in the paint. But Terry will be the one that can create his own basket opportunities and free things up for others to move into open space. And when you pair him with some of the starters... well, picture it:

Sullinger pulls down a rebound, ripping it out of the grasp of two defender bigs. He riffles it off to Rondo who's already pointing and yelling at his running mates. The defense actually does a good enough job of transition defense so the paint is pretty well protected, so Rondo does one of those delayed-reaction-breaks where he capitalizes on the defense trying to set up in the half court. A flat-footed fake pass to Pierce gets turned into a shuffle to Garnett who hot-potatoes it to Jason Terry in the corner. Gorman's call "Jet for three in the corner....GOT IT"

Yeah, I'm ready for the Terry era. Seat belts on, tray tables up, ready for takeoff.

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