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Celtics Waive Keyon Dooling


I guess this is the other shoe to drop with the Darko Milicic signing. In a stunner, The Reverend has decided to hang 'em up after twelve years to "pursue other interests and spend more time with his family." It's still a little unclear to me whether he was waived and then decided to retire or decided to retire so the Celtics waived him. Either way, I'll echo Ainge's sentiments from the press release, "We'll miss Keyon's spirit and energy, both on and off the court."

He only spent a season with the C's, but he's just one of those guys that seemed to be a Celtic for life. Whatever part he played in getting that locker room right last season with all the reported turmoil between Rondo and Allen and then inspiring them to make that magical run in the playoffs can not be understated. I'll miss the flexing and the halftime speeches.

Good luck, Rev.

"Reverend" Keyon Dooling Pregame - May 23, 2012 (via bostonceltics)

For what it's worth, this does leave the door open for another young player to make the team. Instead of one roster spot left for Jamar Smith, Dionte Christmas, and Kris Joseph, Dooling's departure means that there's now room for two.

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