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Celtics In The Market For Point Guard

Pick me!
Pick me!

The Celtics could get away with using Jason Terry as the primary backup point or giving Christmas or another young player a shot at it. But it sounds like the team will at least kick the tires on some other veteran options before training camp begins.

Celtics bring in former lottery pick Darko Milicic - Sports -

The Celtics wanted Dooling to return because of his steadiness and veteran presence. Now they are seeking a replacement just a week before training camp. "We’ll miss Keyon’s spirit and energy, both on and off the court," said Celtics president Danny Ainge said in a statement. Point guards on the free agent market include Derek Fisher, Jonny Flynn, Mike Bibby, and Carlos Arroyo.

Interesting list. Can you really imagine Fisher or Bibby here in Boston? I'll vote for Jonny Flynn just for the Syracuse connection. As a backup plan, I'm sure Arroyo is available for a second go around.

h/t Red's Army

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