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Dooling Exit Creates Interesting Shakeup In NBPA

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Since today was supposed to be Keyon Dooling day, this fits well. Turns out that Dooling's departure from the Celtics has more than on-court implications. Dooling was the 2nd ranked player in the NBPA behind Derek Fisher and, well, I'll let Dwyer tell you the rest.

Keyon Dooling retires, leaving the players’ union with a big decision | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

As Adrian Wojnarowski has reported often since the NBA lockout ended at the end of November, Fisher and NBPA executive director Billy Hunter have been at odds, with Hunter convincing the Executive Committee to push for Fisher's ouster and Fisher calling for an audit of union finances. If we go strictly by rank, Dooling was the most powerful player opposing Fisher within the union. Now that he is retired and therefore no longer a member of the NBPA, he will need to be replaced. Typically, an existing member of the Executive Committee, such as Maurice Evans or Roger "How u" Mason would take over. But if Fisher has support among the rank-and-file union members, we could see a vote that introduces a pro-Fisher member into the mix and changes the facts of this power struggle. Plus, even if a pro-Hunter player becomes first VP, there will still be another spot to fill on the Executive Committee.

Funny that Fisher would be mentioned this morning as one of the potential point guards the Celtics might be interested in. Who knew that politics would carry over so far past the lockout?

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