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Keyon Dooling Will Not Pull A Ray Allen


There was a rumor yesterday floated out there by Heat beat writer Ira Winderman that Keyon Dooling would come out of retirement to join Ray Allen in Miami. He's got a home in Orlando, played three seasons with the Magic, and one with the Heat. He was born in Fort Lauderdale and clearly has Florida ties, but the Reverend retired a Celtic. Come on. Do you really think he'd retire in green and then un-retire to go to South Beach? Sure, he was only in Boston for one season, but Dooling gets it. They've got a Disneyland in his backyard. I doubt he ever vacations in LA for the rest of his life either. Is it just me or are you beginning to hate the Miami media, too? If you read Winderman's Sulia post, it's completely speculation. The fact that Dooling's agent had to respond to it is ridiculous.

Man, I'm already attacking Heat beat writers. Training camp and the season can't come soon enough. Media Day is Friday, September 28th.

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