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More Celtics Blog Previews

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Part of the fun of the NBA Blog Previews is that we get to hear from other voices and other points of view. So here's a sampling from some other blogs on the Celtics upcoming season.

First, our friend Tom Ziller of makes an interesting point about the team's defense.

Boston has two key defensive strengths: shot defense (No. 2 behind Chicago) and turnover creation (No. 4). Mixing the two is potent and fairly rare: no team had top-5 ratings in both categories last season. When you think about it in practical terms, you see what makes the combo so powerful: opponents get fewer shots than usual because of the turnovers, and then have trouble converting those against the swarm. It's devastating.

Here's a sampling from some other blogs as well.

Boston Celtics 2012-2013 Season Preview - CLNS Radio

In order to beat the Heat, the Celtics need to once again be firing on all cylinders at the right time. Last season, with Avery Bradley's injury forcing him to miss the Eastern Conference Finals, you can argue that the Celtics were down a cylinder, especially on the defensive end.

If the Celtics can continue being strong on the defensive end against the Heat and somehow find a way to muster up more points with their offense, they have a good chance of knocking of the Heat.

2012-13 Boston Celtics Season Preview - Celtics Green Blog

The Celtics have two players coming back from heart surgery and both have a new lease on life and on basketball and both should have great seasons. Jeff Green, in particular, has a lot of expectations on him and look to him to have a break out season.

The Celtics top draft pick, Jared Sullinger, has the tools to be great and is a fundamentally solid player and if he gets the minutes, should be a factor for the Celtics, especially on the boards, that was a weakness for the Celtics last season.

Next up is the Brooklyn Nets (that still sounds weird).

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