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Tweet your questions for the Celtics players to @SBNationBoston

Gethin Coolbaugh of SBNation Boston will be at media day and he's willing to take your questions to the players and coaches. Hit him up on twitter. See below for instructions.

Boston Celtics Media Day: C's hold Media Day on Friday - SB Nation Boston

What should fans expect from media day? For starters, lots of quotes, videos and pictures. All of the Celtics media members will be busy Tweeting and Instagram-ing(?) with the latest from Waltham. SB Nation Boston will be live on the scene in Waltham. What questions do you want us to ask the Celtics' players and coaches? Let us know in the comment section or Tweet questions to @GethinCoolbaugh and @SBNationBoston.

Also, feel free to check out SBNation Boston's storystream on media day.

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