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Kevin Garnett: considered retirement, doesn't have Ray's number anymore

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Some Kevin Garnett notes from Media Day:

  • Fab Melo when asked what it's like playing KG: "He's huge and he can shoot. It's hard to block his shot." Welcome to the Thunderdome, Fab.
  • Expect some rookie hazing in Italy and Turkey. In his interview with Molly McGrath and Marc D'Amico, he hinted to some hijinks involving Glen Davis and some Fear Factor eating dares. That means you, Fab.
  • Garnett's reasons for coming back: "Doc Rivers # 1, the fans # 2, the chanting from the fans (at the end of Game 6), and friends and family who wanted me to continue."
  • Regarding Ray Allen: "I don't have Ray's number anymore. I'm not trying to communicate. I'm just being honest."

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