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Jeff Green: back at 100%, Doc sees him as a big 3 and a fast 4

Jeff Green looks to bounce back after missing a season to heart surgery. His versatility to play behind both Garnett and Pierce will be key to the Celtics' success.

Elsa - Getty Images

Some Jeff Green tidbits from Media Day:

  • Doc plans to use him as a big 3 and a fast 4.
  • Green says he's at 100%, but doesn't want to be content and settle. When he first started playing in pick up games, he encouraged people to go at him and not take it easy.
  • Ubuntu is alive and well. Green credits the team in helping him get through the surgery and recovery process.
  • When Chris Wilcox and Jeff Green were in Seattle together, Wilcox took Green under his wing, but after both dealt with similar situations this year, Wilcox looks to Green as his mentor.

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