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Rajon Rondo: accepting and excelling new role as leader of the team

With Doc and Danny's support, Rajon Rondo embraces his role as the leader of the team.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Some Rajon Rondo notes from Media Day:

  • Both Doc and Danny reiterated what they've been saying all summer: Rajon Rondo is the leader of the team now. Jason Terry called him, "the best in the business."
  • Kevin Garnett is his closest friend on the team.
  • He wasn't prickly, short-answer Rondo today. Between his tour his Nike tour in France, travelling with Red Bull to Southeast Asia, and his internship with GQ during NY Fashion Week, you get a sense that Rondo is really opening up to the spotlight of being a star in the NBA.

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