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Additional Media Day Notes: Avery Bradley doesn't have a timetable, no bi-annual exception

Outside of The Big Three, there were a lot of interesting tidbits from Media Day including Avery Bradley's timetable for return to Jason Terry answering questions about Ray Allen.

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Random notes from Media Day:

  • According to Danny Ainge, the Celtics do not have the bi-annual exception this year, eliminates any thought of them bringing in a impact vet mid-year unless it's by trade.
  • There's a lot of Glen Davis in Jared Sullinger in their game, personality, and sense of humor. Check out his interview with Molly McGrath and Marc D'Amico at
  • Doc Rivers plans to run the offense through Garnett, run pick and pops with Brandon Bass, and get more out of their transition game.
  • Chris Wilcox put himself at "90%," still getting his wind back.
  • Avery Bradley doesn't have a timetable for his return and hasn't even touched a basketball. He joked that he would have wanted to shoot it and maybe hurt himself. After tearing his left shoulder completely and a lot of his right, doctors told him he'd be out until January but right now, he weeks ahead of schedule. Even three months from seeing the floor, AB says, "my confidence level is so high right now." Love this kid.
  • The rookies seem to genuinely have a lot of respect for the veterans. Whether it was the workouts in LA or getting through the stations at media day, the young guys really recognize the opportunity in front of them to work with guys like Pierce and Garnett.
  • Great quote from Darko Milicic: "For me, I stopped chasing the dream as being the second pick a long time ago." It's a good sign of maturity that Milicic knows what's expected out of him in Boston.
  • Both Avery Bradley and Dionte Christmas cited Jason Terry as the vet their most excited to play with. Dionte has been mentored by Terry over the summer and Terry once played in a pick up game with AB when he was in the 8th grade.
  • Great JT quotes: when asked about Ray Allen, Jason Terry replied, "who?" When asked about the Celtics only mustering up 2 points from the bench in Game 7 of the ECF, Terry said, "that won't happen with me here."
  • Jared Sullinger said that falling to the Celtics felt like being picked in the lottery.

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