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Boston Celtics Daily Links 9/29

Herald KG says he has lost Ray’s number
Talking KG and Darko as Celts hold media day
Green and Wilcox forge a rare bond
C’s got a ‘Ticket’ to ride
Rajon Rondo’s still the leader
Allen exit turns up Heat on rivalry
Darko Milicic sees bright days ahead
Ray Allen settling into new city, new role with Heat
Globe Pierce, Garnett reflect on Allen's departure
Chris Wilcox, Jeff Green share a strong bond
Avery Bradley says he's ahead of schedule
Video: Washburn's media day report
Meet the new-look Celtics
Celtics are, once again, defying trends
Washburn: Positive vibe at camp
Celtics’ Rajon Rondo taking the lead
Boston Celtics believe they can make run at NBA title
Kevin Garnett displays trademark passion of first day of Celtics training camp
Boston Celtics open training camp on Friday
Celtics Green Random Thoughts from Media Day
Video from Media Day - More Good Stuff
Must Read Reports from Media Day - Cue Excitement!!
Media Day is Under Way
Celtic Thunder Happy Birthday to Kevin Durant
Scowls and Smiles
Celtics Life All About 18: Avery Bradley
Video: Paul Pierce at Media Day
Video: Danny Ainge at Media Day
Video: KG at Media Day
Video: Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, & Jason Terry at Media Day
Video: Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, & Kris Joseph at Media Day
Darko looks huge
Video: Kevin Garnett says he doesn't have Ray Allen's phone number any more
Celtics owners celebrate 10-year anniversary of owning the team
Celtics Blog Paul Pierce: healthy and wants to retire with Garnett
Kevin Garnett: considered retirement, doesn't have Ray's number anymore
Rajon Rondo: accepting and excelling new role as leader of the team
Jeff Green: back at 100%, Doc sees him as a big 3 and a fast 4
Additional Media Day Notes: Avery Bradley doesn't have a timetable, no bi-annual exception
What would Red Auerbach think of Rajon Rondo?
New Celtics pick odd numbers
Rajon Rondo Day: Stone Cold
ESPN Celtics sixth in latest power rankings
KG: 'I don't have Ray's number any more'
Ainge, Rivers: Rondo is Celtics' leader
Pierce: 'I'm 100 percent now'
Owners acknowledge 10-year anniversary
Media Day: Storm before the calm
Call Me? Maybe Not
Green and Wilcox are scar buddies
Agent: It's Knicks or nothing for Rasheed Wallace
Dirk Nowitzki: Tough to see Jason Kidd, Jason Terry go
Lex Nihil Novi Inside Darko's Head (part 96)
Bill Russell: The Best Basketball Teams Master Geometry
At Center, #98, out of Stanford . . .
Darko v. the Thunder
5 Milestones for Evaluating Darko
The Dark Lord Speaks
The Serbian Scalabrine?
Ping-Pong Balls on the Mind
Celtic Nation Silent Treatment
SQ12#60 Media Schmedia
CLNS Radio Kevin Garnett Makes It Clear
Celtics Gearing Up to Go
CLNS Radio Boston Celtics Media Day Coverage
Keyon Dooling Walks Away With His Head Held High
Celtics Daily Links for Saturday, 9/29
Red's Army NBA refuses to get tough with floppers
Garnett: “I don’t have Ray Allen’s number anymore”
Celtics Sneaker Madness 2: Final Four
Your Morning Dump… Where Doc thought KG’s retirement talk was a load of crap Celtics Sign Milicic
Celtics Sign Downs and Kurz
Photo Gallery: 2012-13 Celtics Media Day
Celtics Conduct Live Interviews at Media Day
CSNNE Celtics celebrate 10-year anniversary of current ownership
Garnett: 'I don't have Ray Allen's number anymore'
Celtics go into season with support for the foundation
Pierce: 'I want to retire with KG'
Pierce 'surprised' that Allen left for Heat
Garnett's return to Celtics allows another title run
Rondo, Garnett two peas in a pod
Bradley hopeful recovery time quickens with patient approach
Rondo ready for leadership role earned from Celtics
Trip to Turkey could prove beneficial for Celtics
Breaking down 2012-2013 Celtics
NESN Kevin Garnett Declines to Communicate With Ray Allen, Wishes the Best for Allen and His Family
Paul Pierce Would Like to Retire With Kevin Garnett, Feels No Additional Pressure as End of Contract Nears
Kevin Garnett Continues to Mentor Rajon Rondo, Help Him Become a Leader
Paul Pierce Is Healthy, Ready to Contend for Another NBA Championship
Doc Rivers Thinks Celtics Will Have Best Guard Core in NBA When Avery Bradley Returns From Injury
Kevin Garnett Will Continue to Work Hard, Committed to Play at 100 Percent This Season
Darko Milicic Ready to Move on From Stigma of Being No. 2 Pick, Wants to Be Team-First Player
Keyon Dooling Calls Rajon Rondo 'Second-Best Player' in NBA Behind Kevin Durant, Leaves Out LeBron James
Paul Pierce Admits He Was 'Limited' By Knee Injury During Playoffs, Declares Himself 100 Percent Healthy Now
Celtics Hub Kevin Garnett “Lost Ray Allen’s Number” And Other Revelations From Media Day
Celtics Town Dear New York Knicks: Signing Rasheed Wallace is an awful, awful idea
Doc Rivers says offense will contain ‘more fast breaks’
KG and Pierce really did consider retirement
Jason Terry isn’t Ray Allen, and he’s not trying to be
Kevin Garnett “Lost” Ray Allen’s number
Green Street Rajon Rondo: Kevin Garnett ‘will be a big reason’ Celtics content for title
Top 5 Paul Pierce quotes from Celtics Media Day
Top 5 Kevin Garnett quotes from Celtics Media Day
Top 5 Darko Milicic quotes from Celtics Media Day
Celtics Title Town Celtics Morning Joe: Rondo from trade bait, to team leader
Rondology: Playing Posse
Terry will not be Ray Allen
Hangtime Blogs Welcome To Camp: Boston Celtics
LeBron James: 2012-13 Miami Heat Have Potential To Be Better … “Scary”
NBA TV To Show 29 Preaseason Games
Enterprise News CELTICS NOTEBOOK: Avery Bradley plays the waiting game
Sports Illustrated Celtics open camp believing veterans can lead them to another title
New policy the best respond to difficult problem
Celtics open camp believing veterans can lead them to another title
Sun Sentinel Updates from Miami Heat media day on Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade, Rashard Lewis.
SB Nation Kevin Garnett: Still insane
Avery Bradley 'months ahead' of schedule in rehab
IB Times Sheedsanity: Is Rasheed Wallace Good For The Knicks?
NY Post Rasheed Wallace to sign with New York Knicks Monday, back up Amar’e Stoudemire at power forward
WEEI Pierce plans to retire with Garnett in 2015
Paul Pierce with the Big Show
Doc Rivers: We have the right pieces to be contenders
Jason Terry with the Big Show
Jason Terry: As soon as Doc Rivers called me, I was a Celtic
Celtics coach Doc Rivers with the Big Show
Rivers: Allen-less C's understand roles better
Terry on replacing Ray Allen: 'Who?'
Washington Post Garnett, Pierce, Rondo still a pretty Big 3 as Celtics try again for 18th championship
MetroWest Daily News Kevin Garnett loses Ray Allen's number, maintains passion for game
Rondo taking the lead for Celtics

HT.LY NBA Baller Marquis Daniels Powers His Way to Rap Respectability
Sportige High on Rajon Rondo, Low on Boston Celtics
CSN Chicago NBA season preview: Atlantic Division
Bleacher Report Stock Up, Stock Down for NBA 2012-13 Every Title Contender, Pre-Training Camp
How Rasheed Wallace Signing Would Affect NY Knicks' Title Hopes
New-Look Bench Key to Boston Celtics' Success
Pro Basketball Talk The NBA is back! Training camps open for Heat, Clippers, Celtics, Mavs
Report: Rasheed Wallace will sign with Knicks or nobody
Quote of the day: KG lost Ray Allen’s phone number
CBS Sports Erik Spoelstra won't guarantee Dwyane Wade will be ready for opening night
Stamford Advocate Aging Celtics not yet ready for youth movement
Hoopsworld Health A Huge Factor For Pierce, Celtics

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