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CelticsBlog Offseason Mailbag Uncut - Part I

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Usually when I answer these mailbag questions, I pick out the best questions (or at least the best ones that I can and want to answer) and leave the rest on the cutting room floor. Not this time. I'm giving you the full list of questions I got and doing my best to answer all of them. My answers indented. Enjoy.

Jeff test 123

Yes Jeff, the form still works.

MazingerZ I really am interested in us acquiring blatche. Have we had knuckleheads that reformed while they were on the team? Given blatche's stats, can he help the team if he reforms?

He got half decent stats (sometimes) on a bad team that pushed him on the court despite none of his coaches actually liking him that much. Does he have talent? Maybe. Is he worth a shot? I don't know, but I just don't have the stomach to want to find out. I'll still pass.

celticfan can we trade for al horford? so we can really have a legit center. and who can we trade to get him?


MazingerZ One more question. Am I the only one who suspects that Ray Ray may have had ulterior motives during the ECF? I mean look at the missed free throws, missed defensive assignments, missed shots. It is just too unusual for him to miss these type of things. I know he had bone spurs to contend with, but come on, he could do free throws in his sleep.

I think that's taking it a few steps too far. I am still bitter over Allen leaving, but I respect him as a professional and I'm sure that he was focused on winning for the Celtics. With that said, there's perhaps a case that subconsciously he decided that he was gone at the end of the year, so maybe on some level he wasn't 100% all in all the time. Still, even that seems far fetched.

tommy Celtics have 16 players under contract currently and nba teams are only allowed to have 15 players??? What about the 16th man

They'll have to cut someone by the end of training camp. A couple of guys are on non-guaranteed contracts that would be easy to cut without cap complications.

MJohnnyboy Looking at the team outlook now, are you glad we traded Baby for Bass straight up?

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Kris Klaus Will a white player play a minute in 12/13?

This is why not all questions are answered.

kulot meron bang nasaktan sa sipang ito?

Man I hope that isn't offensive in whatever language that is.

Tchmichel How do you think each rookie and newcomers will pan out next year?

Looking into my crystal ball, I think Sullinger will be a solid rotation guy, Lee will bounce between starter and reserve, and Terry will be a spark off the bench and a leader on the second unit offense. Melo, Joseph, and Christmas will spend a lot of time in Maine.

Part II coming up later.

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