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CelticsBlog Offseason Mailbag Uncut - Part II

Christmas questions in ...September?
Christmas questions in ...September?

ball is green Who do you think is the best BIG (a Center to be specific) to complement the C's for the future that they may target at the deadline?

Man, I have no idea. Centers are so valuable that when teams have good ones, they simply aren't available for a reasonable price. You almost have to luck into one via the draft or trade half the team for one. I guess just pray for Melo to develop.

west coast celtic Jeff, This is a really cool thing. Thanks. The question I have is: In going to my first NBA game and likely sitting in the 300 row, where might I find the best view? Also I am probably dreaming now but here goes, is there a way fans can see or greet the Celtics? Thanks again - Jesse, I mean west coast celtic

The Celtics do a few offseason charity projects - you are more likely to meet n' greet them at those than you are at the games. I've used my press pass a few times and even then it is hard to talk to the players without knowing what you are doing. But you might get lucky if you talk to one of the security guards and find out where the players leave the gym after the game - you might glimpse one as they walk by.

celtics2011 Are we the 2013 Champs?


celtics17 This team has really made some changes that provide it with great depth. My question is simply do you think there is too much depth to win a title and not enough quality in the top 5-7 players? Personally to win banner 18 I think a trade for a higher caliber player must be made.

We've got 2 hall of famers and a 3rd likely on his way (and I'm not even counting Jason Terry because I'm not sure what his legacy is worth on those terms). I think we've got good talent 5-7 and pretty good depth. And I don't think there's such a thing as too much depth, especially on an older team that has seen way too much of the trainer's table the last few years.

Rob Gronkowski "Hey Jeff, I have one question. your sports...player? LOVE, Rob ;-)

Well....Gronk....I do love...the Pats and Bruins...and Red Sox...but my passion is...the I guess...I'll stick with The Truth! Cheers.

Ray Allen Will you ever accept an apology? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

Only if it comes with ripping off your Heat jersey for a Celtics shirt and smashing LeBron into a fake table.

Danny Ainge I am the best GM in the NBA, right? :D

You are pretty good. Hard to tell who is the best though. Presti is up there. The Lakers and Spurs do pretty well for themselves year in and year out too.

simba Do you think this is the season Rondo finally develops a consistent jumper? Have we been asking this question every season?

Yes. Oh, to clarify, I was answering your second question. For the first question, ask me again next year.

drogbagarnett Dionte in the rotation by the playoffs..?

I like Christmas, but if he is, then something went terribly wrong.

mufasa How dependent is the Celtics' season and playoff run dependent on Rondo? If it is very dependent on how Rondo plays, do you think it's bad that our team's performance depends so much on Rondo?

Well, It depends. Sorry, couldn't resist. I think Rondo is now our best player. Every team depends heavily on their best player. He's come a long way towards being consistently good-to-great every night. I'm perfectly comfortable with that situation. Or as comfortable as any fan is.

Lots more coming when I have time.

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