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Biggest Disappointment Day - Mark Blount (Of Course)

Doc remembers having to coach Mark Blount
Doc remembers having to coach Mark Blount

SBNation continues their themed posts on Wednesdays during the offseason and this week it is "Biggest Disappointment Day." You know, I'd love to give you a full effort, 11,000 word essay on the highs and lows of a wide variety of candidates and make the case for who is the biggest disappointment, ....but in the spirit of Mark Blount, I'm just going to punt on all that and regurgitate a post I already did on this subject last year. Your welcome.

Mark Blount: Worst. Celtic. Ever. - CelticsBlog

The Sultan of Sloth. The Duke of Dumb. The Wizard of Wasted Talent. The Prince of Pathetic Effort. A proud member of the I Takka Nappa fraternity. There were less talented Celtics and even less productive ones. But Mark Blount won the "Worst. Celtic. Ever." award because like the Cowardly Lion, he had no heart.

He's long since gone, but he will not be forgotten. He'll be a cautionary tale for ages to come. Beware the 7 footer with one half of a good season leading up to his free agency. A ghost tale we tell young ballers on Halloween night to scare the Air Melo's off them. Being a bad basketball player on the Celtics isn't a crime. But having talent, showing potential, and then collecting a check and coasting for the rest of your career is about as bad as it gets. And that is why Mark Blount is the worst Celtic ever.

Yo Antoine, get me some gum!

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