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Welcome Back, Scal-a-brine!

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Sorry, Benny the Bull. We kinda just did.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Human Cigar has turned down a chance to be an assistant coach with the Chicago Bulls and instead opting to re-join CSNNE, a position he took on during the second round of the playoffs against the Sixers. There was talk of him giving it another shot in the NBA, but Scalabrine's career has finally taken him to its naturally resting place in the broadcast booth. It'll be great to have Scal-a-brine's positive spin in the CSNNE studio next to playa hata Gary Tanguay. I'll never forget him keeping Kobe Bryant waiting in the hallway as he addressed the media after the 2008 NBA Finals.

Celtics Brian Scalabrine talks trash after NBA Title Win (via ebonygentleman79)

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