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CelticsBlog Offseason Mailbag Uncut - Part VI

Long. Range.
Long. Range.

This is it. The final cut. These are the questions that trickled in after the answers started posting. No more ...for now.

Dirk Apart from our beloved Celtics, what are the teams you're looking forward to see in the upcoming season? Any fun teams that might've fallen off the radar if it wasn't for your answer to this question? Cheers m8,

You know, as much time as I spend watching and obsessing about the Celtics, it hardly leaves any time to follow any of the other teams that I root for in other sports, never mind basketball. I've become a bad Red Sox fan, a horrible Bruins fan, and a kinda-casual Pats fan.

I'm going to be pulling for the OKC Thunder out West for a lot of reasons. Perkins is a big reason, but I also like Durant a lot and Westbrook and Harden as well. Top to bottom I just kinda like that team and it starts with Presti. Plus one of my good friends is a blogger for Welcome To Loud City, so there's always that too. Still, even with all that, I couldn't even watch much of the Finals last year. Partly because I was bitter about the C's losing, but also because once it was clear the Heat were in control, I couldn't bear to watch them win it all.

I kinda like the Spurs as West spoilers as well. Here in the East I'm more curious than anything else. I wonder how the Sixers will evolve. I wonder how much better the Wizards will be. I wonder what the Hawks are going to do now. I wonder how much of a circus the two New York teams will be. But all of that is in the noise behind the Celtics. That's just who I am at this point.

??? not a fan of al horford?

I assume you are referring to the short answer to the Horford trade question. I like Horford a lot and I'd love to have him on the C's. I just can't imagine any scenario where the Hawks would trade him to us. That's all.

Fly Ricky Would you trade for Demarcus Cousins? He seems like he could develop into a superstar C and is currently an under the radar double-double machine. The Kings were shopping him last season too. Given our depth at SG, would you trade Bradley and picks for Cousins?

Sure. I think it would take more than that to get him though. He's a lot to handle, but he produces and if anyone could get through to him or at least manage him, it would be Doc (with an assist by KG).

rdamon42 Jeff, what do you think is Avery Bradley's ceiling, offensively? I know's he's already a defensive beast but how do you see his scoring game develop in a few years?

All he needs to be is a solid option. He already excels on cuts and moving without the ball and he just needs to keep improving those areas as well as the obvious continual working on his jumper. As long as he's a stud defensively, I'll take all the offense as a bonus.

saltlover In an earlier question you said that you think Christmas will spend a lot of time in Maine. Why don't you think he'll spend most of his season in Boston (if he makes the team)? AB is hurt to start the year, and you can dress 13 players instead of 12 now, so won't he be the last man on the bench all year?

We've got a lot of depth at the 2 and 3 spots. Maybe he'll be on the roster but I'd almost rather have him playing in Maine to get refine his game further. Though I guess you could make the argument that he's done that overseas and what he needs now is to spend time around NBA players. I don't know, he can go anywhere the team wants and hopefully he exceeds expectations. I just hope we aren't forced to use him due to an injury situation.

Kevin Garnett Should I shoot The 3?

Sure, give it a shot once in a while, just to try it on for size. You might like it. If not, go back to what you feel comfortable with.

bigthree18 Every time I ask a question it never gets answered...WHY?

Its a conspiracy.

JayJay Last season we've seen Rondo's improvement with his shooting. Do you think that it will improve further in this upcoming season?

I imagine he'll improve some, but I'm not sure he'll ever be a knock down shooter from 3 point land. With that said, I think he can and will master a spot on the floor in the mid-range distance where he feels comfortable shooting it every time a defender backs off him too much. That's really all he needs.

And I need a vacation - so I think I'll take a long weekend and get back to you on Tuesday. Cheers!

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