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Everyone loves Jared Sullinger

What's not to love? All aboard the train!

choo choo
choo choo
Jared Wickerham

My mancrush on Jared Sullinger is growing by the day. I'm a sucker for pass first point guards and rebounding bigs and Sullinger falls right into that second category. Apparently I'm not alone in my admiration.

Green Street " Kevin Garnett talks Jared Sullinger but not Carmelo Anthony

What makes a great rebounder? "First off is effort," Garnett began. "Anytime you’re playing defense, anytime youre stealing the ball, rebounding…all that’s effort. Obviously his timing, body positioning, he has the perfect body for rebounding. He can take the pounding and bump a little bit and he has great anticipation when it comes to the ball, and he has great hands. Put all that in the pot, you got Jared Sullinger, that’s what makes him great."

Doc was telling another one of his AAU stories about how Jared Sullinger was whooping up on his son Austin's team.

All aboard! Sullinger eyes next stop - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"In one of those games he had like 27 rebounds and it was crazy watching him. I was upset at all my son’s bigs because I actually said, ‘How can that fat, slow guy get all those rebounds. There’s no way!’ And now I realize he’s not slow and he’s actually not fat. He’s just round. But he has great feet, he really does. And you don’t appreciate that for a while when you watch him. He’s quick and he has great feet."

Jared himself isn't going to toot his own horn too much. He's just happy about the direction the team is headed.

Green Street " Jared Sullinger: ‘We’re the Underground Railroads’

"It’s a lot of hard work," Sullinger said after recording the second double-double of his career (12 points, 16 rebounds) in an 87-79 win over the Suns, "but the train doesn’t stop here. We’ve got to keep going. We’ve got to make it to the next stop, after that the next stop, after that the next stop, so we’re the Underground Railroads."

All aboard!

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